Suffragettes Centennial Motorcycle Ride

The Suffragettes Centennial Motorcycle Ride (SCMR2020) is a cross-country ride in August 2020 celebrating the passage of the 19th amendment of the US constitution allowing American women equal vote in fair and free elections. This cross-country ride is dedicated to all women who have fought for equality in the voting booth, in business and in life.

Meet the Organizers

Alisa Clickenger Event Organizer

Alisa Clickenger

Organization and Logistics
Lead Lady Wrangler

"I've been a motorcycle rider for twenty years, and nothing in life has brought me more joy, camaraderie, and accomplishment. In 2016 I organized and led the highly successful Sisters' Centennial Motorcycle Ride, and found that I love creating epic experiential events for women riders. I believe that we need to look back at our history to understand our present and develop our future, and so I excel at organizing large rides centered around historical events."

Alisa started Women's Motorcycle Tours in 2011.

Robert Pandya - Big Ideas

Robert Pandya

PR, Marketing and Sponsorships
Epic Idea Instigator

“My life has been wholly defined by the great women in it. My mother, sister and cousins, some truly inspirational bosses, co-workers and of course some amazing girlfriends. The undercurrent for much of my life and many work project has been to elevate the motorcycling experience for female riders. I helped Femmoto happen many years ago, eventually being a partner to help grow it into a big event. I pushed for an found ways for OEMs to sponsor female-centric events such as the Sisters' Centennial Motorcycle Ride. I share the vision of how this event can become an inspiration, a lightning rod, and a tribute to the struggles and strengths and power of The Better Half. I promise to work hard to deliver that vision.”

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