Final Salute, Inc., a 501(c)(3)
is the Official Charity of the
Suffragists Centennial Motorcycle Ride
Women’s Motorcycle Festival and Conference



We believe in paying respect to the veterans who have served our country. Do we ever hear of female veterans in need? Not really. Final Salute, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization, brought my attention to the plight of female veterans in our country. Women veterans are currently the fastest-growing homeless population in America, with an estimated 55,000 in their ranks. For the sacrifices they and their families have made, this is unacceptable.

Final Salute, Inc. provides homeless women veterans and their children safe and suitable housing and works with female veterans in establishing her plans for independence after serving in the armed forces. Final Salute’s three programs are H.O.M.E, S.A.F.E, and NEXT UNIFORM. These programs provide transitional housing, emergency financial assistance to prevent homelessness and free professional attire for career transition.

Women’s Motorcycle Tours has been supporting Final Salute since our first cross-country event in 2016. Through our events, we amplify awareness and spread the message that even one homeless female veteran is absolutely unacceptable. We need to give these overlooked and often forgotten women and their children more respect, attention, and assistance.

For every Suffragists Centennial Motorcycle Ride and Women’s Motorcycle Festival and Conference registration, Women’s Motorcycle Tours makes an automatic donation to Final Salute. I urge you to consider making a separate donation directly to them this weekend. Women need to support women in need. Heroes should not be homeless.

Heroes should not be homeless.
Read more about Final Salute on their website.

Centennial Ride & Conference Schedule of Charity Donations
*Charity Donation Amount Registration Type *Charity Donation Amount Portland, Oregon to Arlington, VA [ July 31 – August 20, 2021 ] $50 Portland to Sturgis, SD [July 31 – August 11, 2021 ] $50 Portland, Oregon to Milwaukee, WI [ July 31 – August 15, 2021 ] $50 Sturgis to Arlington, VA [ August 9 – 20, 2021 ] $50 Sturgis to Milwaukee [ August 9 – 15, 2021 ] $50 Milwaukee to Arlington, VA [ August 13 – 22, 2021 ] $50 Knoxville to Arlington, VA  (Including the Women’s Motorcycle Conference [August 16 – 22, 2021 ] $50 Women’s Motorcycle Festival and Conference [August 19 – 22, 2021 ] $10

Your VIP Upgrade fee includes an additional $100 donation to Final Salute, Inc., our event charity that supports homeless women veterans.