Our Super Sensational “Ride to Sturgis” Experience August 1 – 12, 2021  12 Days, 11 Nights

Sign on for this one-of-a-kind Sturgis experience curated by Alisa. Set out from Portland, Oregon with us and do the Sturgis thing in a safe, fun and not-so-overwhelming fashion with us women who know how to make it fun! Glamping at our own private ladies-only tree-lined area at the Buffalo Chip (Glamping = sleep in a white Calvary center-pole tent with screens, cot with mattress, sheets, towels, chairs, electricity, and showers a short walk away). Enjoy access to all of the Buffalo Chip concerts and entertainment, take part in the Biker Belles Celebration at the Buffalo Chip, the Biker Belles Group Ride, and attend a private event at the Sturgis Museum. This will be more fun than one person can rock out to in three days of excitement.


  • Meet and Greet with the Centennial Ride Cross-Country Riders
  • Sturgis Motorcycle Rally – 80th Anniversary
  • Glamping” at the Buffalo Chip
  • Sturgis Buffalo Chip Biker Belles Group Ride
  • Sturgis Buffalo Chip Biker Belles Celebration
  • Sturgis Museum Private Event
  • Sturgis Start City Party
Night Date Start Stay In
1 Saturday, August 1, 2021 ***** Portland, OR
2 Sunday, August 2, 2021 Portland, OR The Dalles, OR
3 Monday, August 3, 2021 The Dalles, OR Lewiston, ID
4 Tuesday, August 4, 2021 Lewiston, ID Missoula, MT
5 Wednesday, August 5, 2021 Missoula, MT Butte, MT
6 Thursday, August 6, 2021 Butte, MT West Yellowstone, MT
7 Friday, August 7, 2021 ***** West Yellowstone, MT
8 Saturday, August 8, 2021 West Yellowstone, MT Cody, WY
9 Sunday, August 9, 2021 Cody, WY Buffalo, WY
10 Monday, August 10, 2021 Buffalo, WY STURGIS
11 Tuesday, August 11, 2021 Sturgis STURGIS
12 Wednesday, August 12, 2021 RIDE HOME ****

Chose Your Registration Type

Fully-Guided Registration

Fully-Guided Registration: Ride, Relax, Enjoy!

A ‘done for you’ touring/vacation experience with nothing to do but show up and ride! We’ve got all the logistics covered and will handle all the details and any travel hassles that come up.

Fully-Guided Registration – What’s Included:

  • Event Fee
  • Accommodations (All hotel rooms throughout the course of the event)
  • All Breakfasts and Dinners (Except rest day dinners)
  • Breakdown Assistance and Pickup
  • Logistical Support
  • Automatic Check-in at hotels (keys waiting for you)
  • Dinner with the main group
  • Free Museum Entries
  • Sturgis Experience – the entire 3 day/2 night event
  • Knoxville to DC Experience – the entire 7 day/6 night event
  • Centennial Ride Keepsake
  • Start City Party
  • 2 Nights “Glamping” at the Buffalo Chip (4 ladies per tent)
  • Professional Ride Guides who lead you and smooth over any and all obstacles – many are MSF instructors
  • Daily Route Briefing with Route Leaders
  • Chase Vehicle Support (We carry your luggage so you only have to ride with layers, a camera, and a bottle of water!)
  • Free Parking
  • Free entry to all event activities
  • Roommate matching service
  • Special Surprises only for Fully-Guided Riders

Fully-Guided Registration – What’s NOT Included:

Gas, tips, tolls, incidentals at the hotels, alcoholic beverages, dinners on the rest days, and National Parks entry fees.

Your registration fee includes a $50 donation to Final Salute, Inc., our event charity which supports homeless women veterans.

Self-Guided Registration

Self-Guided Registration: The DIY Pay-As-You-Go Option

If you register as a self-guided rider, then you are completely connected to us yet totally independent…you’ll pay an event fee to participate, then pick and choose what you want to participate in. This way you only pay for what you’re interested in – not the whole shebang.
After registration we’ll send you a form on which you can let us know what nights you’ll be with us and your billing details, and we’ll send your booking details directly to our hotels (thereby saving you having to call all 21-24 hotels). They’ll charge you directly for any deposits and fees and you’re responsible for any changes to your reservations. (Note that because we are in some big cities with lots of events going on the same time as ours you may have to pay a deposit well in advance – our contract with each hotel is different.) We’ve tried our best to negotiate breakfasts to be included in your discounted room rates, but there will be some hotels where we did not (like those $38 breakfast buffets at big city hotels) so you can make that choice on your own.

Once you’re registered you’ll be able to find your own roommate (if you want one to help reduce costs) in our closed Facebook Group for Centennial Ride riders.

Self-Guided Registration – What’s Included:

  • Event Fee
  • Start City Party
  • Hotel Room Reservations (so you don’t have to call all 21-24 hotels)
  • Route Information
  • Information on and access to any and all “free” events we’ve negotiated along the way
  • Any “free” lunches at dealerships or partner venues along the way
  • Any “free” evening happy hours we’ve negotiated for the entire group
  • Daily Briefings (if desired)
  • Route Book
  • Goodie Bag
  • Centennial Ride Keepsake

Self-Guided Registration – What’s NOT Included:

  • SCMR2021 Experiences
    – The Sturgis Experience [3 days, 2 nights
    – August 10-12, 2021]
    – The Knoxville Experience [3 days, 2 nights
    – August 17-19, 2021]
    – The D.C. Only Grand Finale Celebration Experience
    (These are a special discounted price for Self-Guided riders)
  • Professional Ride Guides who lead you and smooth over obstacles (most are MSF instructors)
  • Chase Vehicle Support
  • Roommate matching service
  • Tips
  • Incidentals at the hotels
  • Accommodations (Hotel rooms)
  • Meals (some breakfasts are included)
  • Breakdown Assistance and Pickup (we strongly suggest you purchase your own)
  • Logistical Support
  • Automatic Check-in at hotels (keys ready and waiting for you..you will need to check in and pay yourself)
  • Parking
  • Some event activities
  • Gas
  • Tolls
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Museum entry fees
  • National Parks entry fees
Your registration fee includes a $50 donation to Final Salute, Inc., our event charity which supports homeless women veterans.
(As a self-guided rider you will still need to register for the Sturgis Experience in order to stay in Sturgis with us.)

Register as Self-Guided

Do you have more questions you need answered before you can register? Be sure to check out our Event FAQ. Still confused? Email Office@WomensMotorcycleTours.com after reading the Event FAQ and we’ll get you sorted out!

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