Join us Mid-Event for the Ultimate Sturgis Experience August 10 – 12, 2021 3 Days, 2 Nights

Join up with the Centennial Ride just for this one-of-a-kind Sturgis experience curated by Alisa. This is the way to dip in and dip out, doing the Sturgis thing in a safe, fun and not-so-overwhelming fashion with us women who know how to make it fun! Glamp with the cross-country riders at our own private ladies-only tree-lined area at the Buffalo Chip (Glamping = sleep in a white Calvary center-pole tent with screens, cot with mattress, sheets, towels, chairs, electricity, and showers a short walk away). Enjoy access to all of the Buffalo Chip concerts and entertainment, take part in the Biker Belles Celebration at the Buffalo Chip, the Biker Belles Group Ride, and attend a private event at the Sturgis Museum. This will be more fun than one person can rock out to in three days of excitement.


  • Meet and Greet with the Centennial Ride Cross-Country Riders
  • Sturgis Motorcycle Rally – 80th Anniversary
  • Glamping” at the Buffalo Chip
  • Sturgis Buffalo Chip Biker Belles Group Ride
  • Sturgis Buffalo Chip Biker Belles Celebration
  • Sturgis Museum Private Event
  • Sturgis Start City Party
1 Monday, August 10, 2021 Arrive and Glamp at Sturgis
2 Tuesday, August 11, 2021 Ride, Attend Biker Belles Celebration, Party and Glamp at Sturgis
3 Wednesday, August 12, 2021 Ride on home or continue to party

Centennial Ride Sturgis Experience Details

Fully-Guided Registration: Ride, Relax, Enjoy!

We’re there for you! This is an all-inclusive ‘done for you’ experience.

What’s Included:

  • Event Fee
  • Start City Party
  • Accommodations (All hotel rooms throughout the course of the event)
  • 2 Nights “Glamping” at the Buffalo Chip (4 ladies per tent)
  • 2 Breakfasts and 1 Dinner
  • Lunch at the Sturgis Biker Belles Celebration
  • Mingling and Glamping with the cross-country riders
  • Free Entry to the Buffalo Chip
  • Free unlimited access to all Buffalo Chip concerts and entertainment
  • Sturgis Biker Belles Group Ride, Celebration and Luncheon
  • Free entry to all event activities
  • Roommate matching service

What’s NOT Included:

Gas, tips, tolls, incidentals. Oh, and the booze is on you, babe!

Your registration fee includes a $50 donation to Final Salute, Inc., our event charity which supports homeless women veterans.

Our first 200 Centennial Ride registrations get a custom-embroidered, limited-edition Centennial Ride Helmet Bag!

Do you have more questions you need answered before you can register? Be sure to check out our Event FAQ. Still confused? Email after reading the Event FAQ and we’ll get you sorted out!

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