Even though I joined the Sisters’ ride for only one day, it was incredibly inspirational to meet all of the women riding and the Van Buren family members.

I had an unforgettable time on your tour, and cannot imagine topping it. Thanks for all the painstaking work you put into it. I hope to ride with you again some day!

This ride was epic for us and a lifetime of memories and friendships will forever be because of you and this ride…Out of this we found a new set of friends from Pennsylvania, Chicago, Long Island and even Toronto. This small group (6 of us) have met up already 4 times and are embarking on…

What an unbelievable experience. I made wonderful connections,  new friends and had helmet hair. It was the best experience and I can’t wait to ride again.

There’s so much to say, and so much still to process about the Sisters Centennial Ride. Participating in this ride was a long overdue opportunity to be part of something big, bigger than myself, and yet completely for me. It was a chance to see so much of the USA I hand by before, and…

The experience gave me the confidence to push myself to a new level and I’m now a better, safer rider.

This was the best trip for all of us who participated in the Sisters Centennial Ride across the USA! We all grew to love the road, the sun, the corn, the mountains, the plains, and each other. We rounded curves with each other; we sat around tables sharing meals together. We grew to rely on…

I should’ve done a tour a long time ago. Alisa and her team are pros! Don’t wait, just go.

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